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Investors and employers want to know:

can you contribute to performance?

Share Your Investment Record With Employers.
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When a resume isn’t enough


myinvestmentrecord will send a credible record of your investment decisions to employers.


A “best ideas” portfolio is a list of your high conviction investment selections. myinvestmentrecord then monitors the results and brings them to the attention of people you choose.

It becomes a repository for your personal investment track record and follows you even if you change jobs.

Have you ever been passed over – unfairly – for a job interview?

Examples: What we send to employers

Advisor considering launch of a new model portfolio?

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How does it work?

Shiller? Fama?

To demonstrate individual performance you might begin by entering stocks in one portfolio, and then ETF’s in a second. You can build up to 5 virtual portfolios for free using yahoo data. Unlimited overnight trades.

In time a performance record will emerge in a portfolio that is relevant to a job or an investor.

This is the important part:

No results are hidden. When you tell myinvestmentrecord to share a record the portfolio you choose to highlight will be at the top of the emailed report.

All other portfolios are summarized underneath including any with less than stellar performance so that the featured portfolio will have greater impact than a single self-selected performance record, especially with early screeners such as recruiters, HR and networking contacts as well as prospective clients.

“I’ve never seen a losing record on a resume.”

Executive Search Consultant, referring to the lack of impact of self reported investment performance.

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Why “best ideas” portfolios?

The purpose of the “best ideas” portfolio is to attract attention to your investment thesis by focusing on your selections rather than on total assets. Prior holdings remain visible.

Can I delete underperforming portfolios?

No. In the report you send out all portfolios receive a one line summary following a description of the featured portfolio, so that the recipient knows it has not been “cherry-picked.”

Who can see my name or performance record?

Only people you select.

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What if I underperform?

That is certainly possible. Even so an employer might note selections of mutual interest which can lead to a contact.

Why multiple portfolios?

Creating more than one portfolio will help you isolate and identify the source of your performance advantage. For example one portfolio might reflect the investment style of your current employer, another your skill with asset allocation using ETF’s, and another a sector or style that you see in your future.

Can I use another performance metric?

The MIR performance indicators were selected to make an impression on busy recipients. Risk, taxes, expenses, intra-day trading etc. can be reflected in other metrics you can share directly later.

The information used by early screeners is important – relevant but not definitive.

Am I investing real money?

No. This is a virtual portfolio with $ performance illustrations.

Costs and benefits?

Startup with 2 portfolios might take 10 minutes, and is free. If sending a portfolio record to an employer or investor results in an additional interview the payback could be substantial.

Some well known money managers already offer their employees a virtual portfolio like this and reward them for strong performance. You can benefit as well.

How long until my record is worth sharing?

Even a shorter term Best Ideas record can say a lot about your interests as an investment professional which may align with a hiring manager’s job requirements or a prospect’s investment objectives. But longer is always better – a good reason to start right away, especially if a layoff or parental leave is a possibility.

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Send performance reports for free too. You can add a personal note and attach a resume or marketing brochure.

List of Benefits

“I love this idea! Very creative and certainly seems to be one of the first (perhaps THE first) investment record tracker.”

– Quantitative Manager, Hedge Fund

Read what Warren Buffett says about individual contribution, underscoring the importance of tracking your  investment performance.

This is different

from other portfolios. The purpose of myinvestmentrecord is to let the right people know about your investment skill.

Introduce yourself

with evidence of your ability. Putting your best foot forward has been difficult until now.

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